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List Building

How are New Businesses identified?

The MarketForce New Business Owners Database is compiled from a unique combination of over 200 sources of public and private records. State, county, and municipality data is obtained directly from government sources in virtually every state. This includes professional and occupational license data as well as new incorporations, partnerships, LLC's, tax filings, and fictitious name registrations. In addition, we obtain new "Business Grade" phone connection data from national Directory Assistance sources and other proprietary sources.

How do we know they are New Businesses?

To insure the data compiled is actually that of ‘new’ businesses, those that match to our own database as well as existing yellow and white page business listings are removed. This data is merge/purged weekly and run through several list hygiene programs to insure the data is deliverable to USPS specifications.

How do we determine the Business Type?

One attribute that sets MarketForce apart from our competition is that each record is reviewed by an experienced analyst. These analysts remove questionable or seasonal businesses and categorize the rest into industry classifications and SIC codes. Over 60,000 records are analyzed and made available each week!

How many New Business Owners are there?

Here are average quantities for our most popular segments:

Average Quantities
All New Businesses  
Records with Phone Numbers  
Records with Contact Names  
Home Based New Businesses  
Pre-Opening Businesses  
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