What Does MarketForce Do?

MarketForce compiles New Business data from every corner of the United States in real time. The data is utilized for postal and digital customer acquisition campaigns by companies that target and serve small businesses. Since this data is highly productive and new data is always available, most clients use it to conduct ongoing, continuity marketing programs. Many Fortune 500 clients have used this data not just for years, but for decades!

How are New Businesses identified?

The MarketForce New Business Database is exhaustively compiled every hour of the day, 365 days a year. Various types of new business registrations are gathered from states, counties, local municipal, and other proprietary sources all over the US. This includes new Incorporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, DBA’s, Fictitious Name registrations, Sales Tax Filings, Business Licenses, and more. This legally compliant public record information comes in a variety of electronic and printed formats which are then merged, cleansed and standardized allowing our clients to process their customer acquisition campaigns more efficiently

How do we know they are New Businesses?

MarketForce compiles business information that include a formation or registration date. To ensure the data is current, records are compared to our own historical database of New Businesses compiled over the years as well as to other outside lists of existing businesses. Only qualifying new data is retained and made available to clients. This data ‘freshness’ is what contributes to the consistently superlative results realized by our clients.

What other steps are performed to enrich quality?

MarketForce identifies and removes seasonal temporary businesses such as Christmas tree lots and firework stands, as well as multi-level marketers, so clients only solicit legitimate ongoing businesses. Registered agents are identified and removed where possible, so marketing messages are delivered to the actual business owners/principals. Extensive data hygiene is performed to ensure postal addresses adhere to USPS standards resulting in over 95% deliverability rates.

What other information is available?

In addition to the Business Name and postal address data, we gather privacy compliant Business Owner(s) information allowing personalized marketing messages via both direct and digital channels. Phone numbers, email and website addresses are provided where available. We can also indicate whether the business is registered at a Commercial or Residential address upon request. The data is enhanced with Type of Business and SIC codes allowing precise targeting based on clients’ specific needs.

new businesses opening in the US every day


New Businesses may be selected in a variety of ways to target your best prospects.

Timeliness of your offer is critical when targeting New Business owners. Fortunately, over 50,000 of the freshest “hotline” New Businesses are available nationally each week. You can, however, select monthly, quarterly, last six or twelve months. Data older than 12 months is now available at special request.

Home-based businesses are a very hot market segment and are growing at a much faster rate than commercial businesses. MarketForce specializes at identifying those hard to find “Small Office Home Office” New Businesses.

Using artificial intelligence developed over many years, Marketforce estimates and assigns 4 digit SIC codes to the vast majority of New Business on the database. We have also developed industry classification codes that “roll up” similar SIC codes into general industry categories. Categories include:

  • Professional – Doctors, Attorneys, Engineers, Architects, CPA’s etc.
  • Retail – stores, restaurants, bars, drycleaners, etc.
  • Construction – contractors of various types; over 16 SIC codes.
  • Manufacturing/Distribution – companies that produce and/or distribute various products, etc.
  • Business/Financial Services – Insurance, Payroll, Mortgage or Banking related, etc.
  • Residential Services – Housekeeping, landscaping, pet-sitters, personal services, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – Any unclassifiable business or those that do not fit in the above categories.

If you want to insure you are ‘first in the mailbox’, you may want try the MarketForce Pre-Opening Database. We have developed proprietary software to identify New Businesses that have filed their appropriate paperwork, but have yet to open their doors to the public.

  • Owner/Contact names – Available on two-thirds of the records.
  • Phone Number – Self-reported and available on one fourth of the records.
  • Geography – Select by state, county, zip code or radius.
  • Gender – Female entrepreneurs are unusually responsive.
  • Digital Marketing – Ask us how to target the IP address or Facebook page of New Business.

MarketForce helps you find New Business Customers

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