No. Most clients start with a 3-6 month pilot program to test and fine tune effectiveness before agreeing to something longer term.

Some will of course, but very few. Depending on type of business, most survive several years and some become household names! Click here for more information.

Our sole focus is identifying businesses when they are brand new and most responsive for our clients.

The time sensitive nature of effective New Business marketing does not allow for verifying each record. Since most business registrations require a business owner provide their own information and pay a fee, accuracy is seldom an issue.

No – we are gathering the data directly from government and other legally compliant public record sources. This insures we offer the “freshest” data available.

For those business types not identified by the government sources, we use artificial intelligence algorithms developed over many years that identify business types using words, or strings of words, in the business name. Over 80% of the records will include a business type SIC code.

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